segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2009


"Do you know just how special you are,
How you effortlessly light up a room,
That you sweep into a person's life
And subtly replace all the gloom.
When was the last time someone said they loved you
Cause you should hear it every day
And just in case you didn't know this,
Let me be the first to say
You're beautiful
In a way that words cannot express
You're beautiful
Cause you're nothing like the rest
You're beautiful
And so are all the things you do
You're beautiful
So please just keep on being you.
You captured my heart
When your tiny fingers touched my own.
I knew I'd die to protect you
And my, how you have grown.
You have this incredible face
But what you just don't know
Is that everyone loves you
Because of your truly perfect soul
You're beautiful
And I hope it's something you can feel
You're beautiful
It's the kind of beauty that's nothing but real
You're beautiful
Sometimes despite the things you do
You're beautiful
And it's just because it's you
I knew that I loved you
The very first time that I saw you
And lying in my arms
And I've seen the good inside
You're beautiful
And it's something you need to hear
You're beautiful
And you keep my heart so near
You're beautiful
Though I can't understand what you do
You're beautiful
Don't let anyone take that from you "

I love you so much!!!

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